Saturday, 17 October 2009!

Dear bloggers of the world!

well, the few who read my ramblings....

I'm heading off traveling in ... SHIT! just under three weeks!! i'm probably going to discontinue blogging here for a looong time since between e-mailing and a special alternative blog, i just wont have the internet time!

but on the subject of the special blog, please please check out Its a new(ish) travel website dedicated to backpacking 'in heels', in other words, stylishly! Its only been running for a few months but it was set up by Katja of Glamcanyon ( for people to share their trips, advice, plans and experiences. The few contributers there at the moment have wicked photographs documenting trips theyre currently immersed in, or memories of past holidays.

I feel honoured that she thinks my writing is 'travelette' worthy (just need to get a decent camera...) and am well excited to report back with whatever i come across out in that big ole scary world.

So, for now, i wish to say farewell in this blog and continue in the other but wanted to grasp this opportunity to plug the website as much as i could!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check it out, and follow my trip and whoever else's who decides to launch into the wilderness!!

Much love xxxx

Thursday, 8 October 2009

BLACK and gold, black and GOLD

Listening to: Kings of Leon - 'Use Somebody'

I don't usually take direct style inspiration off the catwalks, i am definitely drawn to the more casual and individual style of street fashion. i love how personlity is true style and how people put their own twists on outfits which make them stand out, inevitably looking better than most catwalk outfits. Well that's my opinion.

HOWEVER, i saw some of Balmain Spring/Summer 2010 catwalks and Stunning. gorgeous. I looooove black and gold.....

The only positive thing about Kerry Katona??

Listening to: Soho Dolls - 'Stripper'

Out of all the seven deadly sins, there are a few which I frequently indulge in despite what my surname suggests (its 'Saint' by the way). My top three would have to be gluttony, sloth and… (cue a brief internet search)… who knows, probably a dominant dash of pride. The main sin that I’m currently in the midst of is, of course, gluttony. My poor potbelly is straining at my waistband as I sit on my arse in my tiny hot office. However, the pain of the straining belly pales in comparison to the enormous guilt I now carry over last night’s crazy binge. It was a case of coming home from work, having dinner, the thought of having something sweet entering my mind… then I blacked out. I came round to find myself lying in the centre of the kitchen floor, chocolate smeared around my mouth, crusts of bread tragically splayed around me, empty cartons flung over the counter tops. A serious crime scene. All I know is something bad had happened, and I felt dirty all over.

According to the knowledgeable abyss that is Wikipedia, there are several types of gluttony which are apparently going to send you belly-flopping down to the pits of hell. And goddamn it, I’m guilty of every one (apart from the dainty one, shove it in my gob thank you please):

Eating too soon.
Eating too expensively.
Eating too much.
Eating too eagerly (burningly).
Eating too daintily (keenly).
Eating wildly (boringly).
Jesus, the Pope sure was a fussy eater.

The lengths I’ll go on a binge is pretty impressive to be honest. No cookies left in the packet? All ice cream licked out the container? All’s not lost, grab a spoon and a jar of peanut butter/jam/apple sauce and voila! Instant treat that I’m sure God would be proud of.
I know that people (I refuse to be sexist and pin food obsession on girls alone) can obsess slightly over diets and figures, but this is getting ridiculous since I graduated and was forced back home A.K.A food central. The usual 7Ilbs have piled on, but since I no longer have the escape of University it might just keep going until the headlines read: ‘30 stone person rots in own chair-gender unknown due to extreme obesity’.

Save my soul now with fruit and Weetabix. Weightwatchers now seem more like a jiggling troupe of messiahs, and Fat Fighters must have added their own halos to the posters or that crack has got me hallucinating again.
Anyway, the point of this depressed moan about my shit diet is that whatever’s happening in your life, I have a sure-fire guarantee to make you feel better: Switch on MTV’S ‘Kerry Katona: Crazy in Love’ and watch the kebab garnished car-crash unfold. Ten minutes should do it (that’s all I can literally stomach) and your ready to face your life again. Life suddenly doesn’t seem too bad.

p.s. i cant believe i missed the beginning of Gossip Girl season 3 last night. but instead i saw Zombieland....

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Autumn is here, and so are the changes

Listening to: Elton John - 'Tiny Dancer'

O my days! It has been so long since i've used this blog, and so much has changed and so many plans are just teetering on the edge of commencing which is a) scary and b) surreal... it all hasnt quite sunk in yet...

Firstly: Graduated- Check!
Can nay believe Uni is all over, had to party it up at the end to make up for the epic life destroying revision (got a 1st for the dissertation- yay!). Miss all who dwell in the ole city though... great memories though. And lets face it, all good things must come to an end...

Secondly: Got a grown-up job: Check!

I've been working hard at an admin job in a maternity ward which required jabs and vaccinations to ensure a generation live to see another day with me lurking around. Weekends have to be thoroughly enjoyed though... cue a charity ball in Cornwall with the theme 'Oriental Firecracker'... "Whats so oriental about your outfit?!" "Check out the face. Oriental much?"

and Lastly: round the world flights booked: check, Insurance: check, Thailand destinations: check, Malaysia plans: check, New Zealand and Oz plans: CHECK!

Thats right, i'm actually going traveling. The plans are a lil shady but its happening, flying out a month today (the main reason why i got a proper job). Who knows if i'll come back from Australia, but 8 months living out of a backpack might get to me...

Its scary but its just something i got to do. Thailand is my top first destination, and i'm going alone- eep! Scary but, you know what, the closer it gets, the more i'm willing to do it alone. So many people have said how easy it is to meet other travellers on the road when alone, and one thing i've learnt from life is that the only person you can count on is yourself... so this is the ultimate test i guess!

I'm quite lucky though as i have family dotted around Southeast Asia and Australia. I will be taking full advantage of this hence Malaysia will be revisited...

Mount Kinabalu Sept '08

and also Melbourne.... had such wicked times last September there even though there were so many family duties to attend, what with it being a family reunion- cue many "My haven't you grown". Yup, a lot changes in 10 years, height being a major factor.

Melbourne: China town Sept '08. a vast complex of alley ways with amazingly vivid graffiti. At the end of the creepy passages was an amazing bar called 'The Croft Institute' which was totally decked out like a scientist's laboratory. Test tubes and beakers stacked the walls = awesome.