Saturday, 23 May 2009

Hearts of Glass

Listening to: Blondie - Heart of Glass

Here's some true rock n roll inspiration and absolute gorgeousness, courtesy of Debby Harry. She was amazing in Blondie, as you can see I'm reliving her glory days and listening to their greatest hits. i think I'm going a little crazy from being stuck in my room trying to revise! I've got four exams, all in the next 2 1/2 weeks.... the pitiful amount of revision should be making me crap myself, but i think Ive got to the point of education where it has left me brain dead, without caring!! uh oh.... Where's my usual panic adrenaline to motivate me??!

But anyway. i know how everyone has hang-ups about their body. it really pisses me off how i can get so paranoid about the way my legs/thighs/belly look and whether I'm baring too much or dressing a little too... 'out there' or something! in 15 years time, I'm sure there's going to be a fat chunk of my wardrobe which would definitely not be 'appropriate' for my age, so Ive got to make the most of it now!

Dammit, I'm young, i should be able to make fashion mistakes!! this city is way to small, you feel really dressed up if your not in jeans/jogging bottoms/hoodies/Ugg boats (yuck.).... but luckily, i physically cannot bring myself to leave the house in any of those! i don't mind jeans, i just hardly wear them.

my mid-week resolution, is to not give fuck and dress how i like and ignore the boring uniform..make the most of my youth!!

... inspiration taken from Ms Harry....

Thursday, 7 May 2009

"Rusted Wheel can't move on"

Listening to: Silversun Pickups - Rusted Wheel

I'm not blind, i don't live in a cave (i prefer to think my room as a darkened boudoir...), i binge on gossip magazines with my trusty Grazia/Heat/Glamour obsessed housemates. i have known that crop tops have been regurgitated from the depths of my beloved '90's, along with those kick-ass Doc Martins and cute kooky headbands! i am definitely not a midriff bearing, naked tum shaker, 'scrub your socks on my washboard stomach'... my tum is one of the things which DO NOT get a peek into the outside world (outside of a swimming pool/beach)....

so how, in the world of Topshop, have i ended up with a cropped slouchy grey cropped jumper, a black dancers cropped Lycra top and a cropped denim shirt that ties at the front in my wardrobe... and the burning desire to buy more??!

i personally blame Pixie, Alice and numerous beautiful bloggers who have been shaking their sweet belly buttons to the world!

i quite like the use of cropped tops over other tops... think the jumper will have to do that! The dancers top will have to remain a bit of a mystery... or maybe wear with a pencil skirt so you only get a teeny glimpse of midriff between the two items? i love how Alice Dellal wears pencil skirts with cropped t-shirts with a bit of skin peeping through.

ahhh clothes!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Where were you last night?

Listening to: Asher Roth - I love college

You've so gotta check out this blog :
It's full of raucous photographs of epic parties, the kinda lifestyle i would totally dig right now!

"....time isnt wasted when youre getting wasted

woke up today and all i could say is

that party last night was awful crazy
wish we taped it
i danced my ass off and had this one girl completly naked
drink my beer and smoke my weed
but my good friends is all i need
pass out at 3 wake up at 10
go out to eat then do it again..."

He also puts up mini photography projects/campaigns on the website. this was based on motels and their pools. it makes me want to go somewhere hot and out of england....

Punk gets crunk

Listening to: The Maccabees - Love you better

"I wanna go where the wind takes me"

There's someone in my life, quite prominent, who i think holds me back. But its my own fault because i let myself be held back. I almost synchronize with who's close to me, then anything that's different to what we're both used to, i shy away from. This is bad though, as no change means stagnation and boredom. Now that's a recipe for disaster.

If you find yourself getting too sucked into a relationship (and i don't mean a romantic one) then you need to give some distance, get perspective, remind yourself of who you are and what makes you a special friend, person, individual. Have time to yourself, and see other friends who you may have forgotten about.

Don't let yourself be taken for granted, don't become part of the scenery, don't be used as a prop. Be true to yourself.

Excuse my mini pep talk to myself.

p.s. this is a stunning song by the maccabees. if you've never heard of them, then check out their myspace and give it a listen...

What's up Wasson?

Listening to: Bat for Lashes- Daniel

This song is amazing, the signer has such an ethereal haunting voice. it makes me want my own Daniel. uh oh, getting sappy again!!

Feeling a little hungover this fair morn. Last night, forced myself out for the third time in a row so am now feeling haggard, bloated, pissed off, sleep deprived, bitter and twisted. i want to jump on a train to London and go to fabulous places with oodles of money and not be in this skin!

once again, no hot talent were out in the Cavern (the only decent club in this town). my friend went a bit crazyand bit the DJ on the pec... he texted me this morn to ask if he should get a rabies shot. Probably.

But in the doom and gloom of my hangover, i discovered the amazingness of the model Erin Wasson in this massive bible of a magazine (similar to LOVE) called 'Plastique'. she had an interview featured...she is so kick ass cool:

Q: As well as styling for alexander wang, you also styled a fashion story for Elle recently. How did that come about?

A: i thought it would be cool to do a story based on the movie Empire Records. The film is about grunge kids in the '90s working at a record shop. i thought it was a great scenario that had never been used in a fashion story. i pitched the idea to Elle and they liked it. We used actors, not models. i didnt want the girls to be too pretty. the pictures looked really natural and real.

Erin Wasson

The Elle fashion shoot

So cool, love the clothes, love her.

Roll on life...