Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Do the MADonna

Listening to: Madonna - Crazy for you
Uh oh, I'm feeling in quite a sappy mood... i don't know when the hell the last time i listened to Madonna's good old stuff, you know, the classic 80's hits! i totally think that was her best era:
a) she wasn't old and obsessed with yoga and hideous leotards (o wait, i think she still wore them...)

b) her style of Desperately Seeking Susan (still need to see it) was so freaking cool! and also her video of Like a Virgin...

c) Some of her songs, especially this one I'm listening to, are so adorable and sweet... ahh i would like to be crazy for someone! but not in a stalker way... like usual

'Swaying room as the music starts

Strangers making the most of the dark

Two by two their bodies become one

I see you through the smokey air

Cant you feel the weight of my stare

Youre so close but still a world away

What Im dying to say, is that...

Im crazy for you

Touch me once and youll know its true
I never wanted anyone like this
Its all brand new,
youll feel it in my kiss
Im crazy for you, crazy for you'

Still absolutely obsessed with pixie's style, i swear she takes inspiration from Madonna's high kicking 80's fun times

Someday i'll fly away.....

Listening to: Hot Hot Heat -Bandages
Aw I've missed this world of blogging... but I'm so sad at the moment! no life and it feels so glum to have nothing exciting to report! literally, the only thing I've been doing is:

  • Dissertation Dissertation Dissertation (but its due on Friday and i think I've killed it as much as possible!)
  • Literally wetting myself in anticipation for the Maccabees new album (May 4th 'Wall of arms'!!)
  • Kicking myself for missing out on getting a ticket for their Bristol gig (on a boat)
  • Getting a little bit tipsy, and when the night has ended in disappointment, go on a massive binge of food

I'm definitely going traveling after university and I've just been checking out a friend's photos of his travels in Laos and Vietnam... i just want to book my flight to Bangkok NOW!!

K's Vietnam adventures

K's Laos adventures

'They're trying to make you compromise

This fire burning in your eyes

Darling, you're slowly drifting out of reach

I'm slowly drifting out of reach

We're slowly drifting out of reach...

So home is just a word now

You don't see it anymore

The child's eyes are vacant now

The lights are just a glare'

The Guillemots - 'Falling out of reach'

My mission: worry less, have more fun, eat less, move more, live better

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Listening to: La Roux - For the Kill (skreamy remix)

Aye aye! dear lord do i love the nautical style! i know it may sound like im jumping on the bandwagon, and am a little late on loving the sailor style, but the amount of stripes and anchors i've discovered lurking within my wardrobe shows that this sneaky statement has infiltrated my life without really knowing!

i really love the anchor, its such a classic nautical symbol which looks kick ass cool as a tattoo, like Gossip's Beth Ditto and Kate Moss. i love traditional tattoos
*that explains my stars and heart tatts*
but now im thinkin about an anchor...or maybe the classic swallow?? who knows!

i purchased this kitsch anchor pendant from ebay for.... wait for it.... £1!!!!! It was free P&P as well- boom!

RIGHT, only 5 days until the dissertation (which has totally taken over my life) is due. it appears under control but man, does it make life glum... going out tonight... serious steam needs to blown!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

all you need is LOVE

Listening to: Alexisonfire - Get Fighted

LOVE magazine is a bible of amazing photography and fashion and models- o my days, when i found the latest edition (first edition??) at my sister's, i took about an hour scouring the pages and soaking up the artistic brilliance of this vivid fashion mag.

If i had owned the magazine, i would have been tearing loads of the fashion shoots out, they're literally like pieces of art...however i think i would have been castrated by her flatmate who had shelled out the precious £5 for the privilege of owning it... but check out some of the gorgeous photographs.....

I want to have her body so i can wear crop tops and denim shorts without looking like a barrel.

My cousin's wife is obsessed with Adrianna...and just named her new-born baber after her....

BETH DITTO IS AMAZING!!! Saw The Gossip play last summer, she is one hell of a ball of energy...she leaped into the crowd and i touched her shoulder...my claim to fame...

p.s. i didn't drown yesterday, but actually hauled my ass to the pool! sweet... might force myself to go on a run laters since i may have had some wine, a creme egg....and a hot cross bun late last night...dammit!!
But the epic struggle with the dissertation continues...working bar/waitress shifts for the next 3 days though. Shit. i need to get some serious work done.. now.
No BBQ fun allowed tonight!!!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Treading Water

Listening to: Bloc Party - Helicopters

AAAAAAAlrighty!! I've left the home town and am now back in my University city...well, town- it's so tiny but since it has a cathedral it constitutes as a 'city'...there's a severe lack of good night life.... but it is a beautiful city in ole Devonshire....

You've gotta love the fish eye camera- i double backed the film then flipped the camera upside down...

So far, all I've really done since getting back is launch my student radio station official blog, which has had good response so far...doubt it would be much interest to peeps outside of my University though! but here it is in case you wanna check out what i get up to when I'm supposed to be doing work: http://xpressionfm.blogspot.com/

Today though, as part of my *i need to get remotely healthy and fit* thoughts, I'm planning to go swimming (but am still in my PJ's at the moment). i love to swim, haven't done it in a while and it sucks that the pool is quite a walk away... but i freaking love the old retro and vintage swimsuits, especially the 1950's ones- they're so sweet!

It sucks that the days of swimming costumes are gone. It feels like there is a certain age gap where bikinis are the only thing to wear when geting wet, despite what size or shape you are. It seems to me, that if you are below the age of 14 or above the age of 40, then the full one piece is appropriate, but i literally cannot remember the last time i saw a 20-something-year-old wearing anything other that a bikini (or maybe its because i go to the 'how naked can you get' swimming pool).

There are some absolutely stunning one-pieces around, especially the vintage inspired ones, but i just physically can't wear them. when i put one on, i either feel like I'm dressing too young or old...I will definitely be first in line for some gorgeous 1950's swimming costumes after plopping out a couple of kids though...

but i say bring them back, embrace the cover up (forget about tan lines) and maybe indulge in some synchronized swimming as well...

HOT SWIMSUIT ALERT!!! Found by emeryvintage.blogspot.com, it's from Victoria's Secret- $58

Now lets see if i actually make it to the pool...and not drown...

Sunday, 12 April 2009

It's amore

Listening to: Josh Martinez - Time alone (Tranzar remix)

Unfortunately, i am not very cultured. I only speak English, and most of the time it is pretty bad anyway! It's always punctuated with 'like' and 'd'you know what i mean?'. I'm so articulate it hurts! but if i could speak any other language, it would definitely have to be french...or Italian?

French just sounds so sexy, but the book I'm currently reading (well slogging through since i literally don't have time to read for pleasure at the moment) is called 'eat pray love' by Elizabeth Gilbert... I'm only about a third of the way through it, but the first chunk is about her time in Italy and her obsession with the Italian language.... and dear god, i didn't realise how poetic and stunning the language is!
i usually dog-ear the pages of good quotes, so this book is practically destroyed now, but i thought I'd share a few of my favourites....literal literacy beauty.

l'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle - "the love that moves the sun and the other stars"
(from Dante's Divine Comedy. Dante was responsible for the birth of Italy's official language and is a language of artistic pedigree- hence the poetic beauty of these quotes!)

Bel far niente - "the beauty of doing nothing"
(this is a cherished Italian ideal, everyone in today's society is so busy all the time that time spent not being productive is looked at with guilt, thus finding the beauty in it for your own well-being..)

L'ho provato sulla mia pelle - "i have experienced that on my own skin"

(meaning, i have been burned or scarred in this way and i know exactly what you're going through)

This book is so good, I'm not going to launch into a book review or anything boring like that, but in a nutshell it is a true story of a woman's journey from heartbreak to peace through Italy, India and Thailand... i just hit the India section and if it's anything like the Italy adventure then I'll be a happy reader... pick up the book and read it...

"In a world of disorder and disaster and fraud, sometimes only beauty can be trusted. Only artistic excellence is incorruptible. Pleasure cannot be bargained down...
You were given life; it is your duty (and your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight." - Elizabeth Gilbert

Take me to Italy

Saturday, 11 April 2009

I got love for you if you grew up in the '90s

Listening to: Klaxons - Magick

... it seems I'm totally digging the nineties at the moment, what with the love for Pixie's headband (which i purchased today, just need to figure out how to wear it around my big head), and now I've indulged in some culottes! But check out how cute they are with their pony print....and £10 in the asos.com sale. boo ya!

Here's how my wishlist stands at the moment... i'm trying to stick to items which i can wear when i go traveling after i graduate, like distressed denim and black shorts and light dresses....but i'm going to need a dress for grad ball aren't i??!

*cue this amazing gold dress from Kate Moss's latest Topshop collection*

also this girl's entire outfit

and on a minor note, have finally come round to the idea of bodysuits... only mesh though which i could wear under a cropped top. but at the moment, the thought of baring my midriff makes me physically mortified (if that's possible) due to the literal amounts of cheesecake, chocolate and ice cream my mum has forced at me since i'm only home for 2 weeks for easter break!

slight possibility i've put on about 4Ilbs in a week- nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

american apparel mesh bodysuit - £20

Right, before i turn into a round, tubby, lard-ass, detox and diet will commence starting from tomorrow- bring on the fruit and veg! i literally cannot do moderation with sweet things, i must be a all or nothing kind of girl

.....think of the bodysuit think of the bodysuit think of the bodysuit think of the bodysuit.....

p.s. whoops i just purchased a denim shirt for £2.70 on ebay... kerching!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Mary had a little glam

Listening to: The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful

I need to get out and paaaaarty!! Photos (apart from the last one) are courtsey of glamcanyon (glamcanyon.blogspot.com)- i love her blog, the photography is amazing...makes me uber jealous of the clothes/make-up and always makes me wanna have one hell of a decadent night out...

The girl above has an amazing outfit - that t-shirt is on my radar.

I think alice dellal, daisy lowe and pixie geldof are all absolutely stunning with kick ass attitude and fashion. I swear they just sum up the raw aspect of London fashion- gritty and fierce. Please give me your clothes

Happy Easter, chickens

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Too much rain, too little light

Listening to: The Maccabees - Diamond Solitare

This is the sweetest, and shortest song ever- it's only about 45 seconds but tres beautiful.

I've spent the past couple of days up in Leeds, its the furthest up north I've ever been. It was a conference on getting into the radio industry- would be an amazing job but the kind of motivation and drive (and luck!) you need is ridiculous!.. how long can i put off entering the real world? only 3 months left of uni...
I've managed to procrastinate all day- impressive i must say. o yeah and 'designated fat day' has turned into designated fat week. bad times.

On a lighter note: if i could have these girls' outfits and wardrobes, i would be v v happy....

Get this stretchy alice band in my life now thanks- i definitely had one in 1998....

i love my black opaque tights and leggings, i think most people think my i'm a white girl (well 'off-white' since i got a bit of chinese - malaysian mixed up into my Somerset blood) with black legs. My bare legs hardly see light... hence their pasty nature. i also have a colourful collection of scars on my knees from numerous drunken escapades where ive usually ended up on my knees... o wait i just reread that- i mean i fall over a lot!! Mooooving on swiftly...

i do believe it may nearly be time to crack out the fake tan or skin coloured tights

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Us hunchbacks need to stick together

Listening to: Lady Gaga - Pokerface

Ok, I'm back at the laptop to bash some serious keys... god life is dire! No excitement, just work... exciting life, huh? but it pushes me to make future plans when procrastinating... been checking out the sights and sounds of Bristol from my room- bring on the live music!!!
The Dot-to-Dot festival is what has captured my focus at the moment:

Saturday 23rd May. 1pm - 4am.
The annual Bristol event showcases up and coming bands and DJs from the UK and international scenes. The festival offers indie, rock, dance and pop music in various venues in Bristol.
good times!

On a minor, perhaps less interesting point, I've vaguely become aware of a disability that I'm developing- can u 'develop' one??! I've been aware of this 'problem' of mine, but lately i swear its become more prominent which makes me feel especially super-duper when I'm feeling a little self-conscious when mooching around in public...

OK, i favour bags on the larger side. Alright, i admit it- i love to sling a sack of a bag over my shoulder which I pack with everything i might possibly need in life. Space is meant to be filled! It might mean I'll be a good mum though. Or the crazed 'mum on a mission to save all kids' who'll be leaping over small hedges to get to the child with the snotty nose with my pack of Kleenex that I ..er.. happened to have in my bag...

Check out the evidence first (and note that the fish-eye camera usually is without film, because i am also a forgetful retard)

That's right, two sets of keys, brolly and sunglasses (the sunnies are more positive thinking), Savlon, a drinks stirrer from a Malaysian hotel, two cameras etc etc etc. o also plus a bottle of water usually, you know just in case i find myself in a desert with no Starbucks in throwing distance.

So yeah. My problem. I walk with a lean to the left now to compensate the weight that should be weighing down my right shoulder. I really notice it when I'm casually walking along without a freaking bag and I'm still leaning! also, my fringe sweeps to the left so when the wind blows i instinctively turn my head a lil to the left so it keeps flat.. if you see a harassed looking dark-haired girl (with fringe, bag not a necessity) on a constant left slant shuffling down the street, be sure to say 'hi' and shield innocent eyes.

Seriously, this should have been on some kind of warning label:

'WARNING: Overload of bag turns you into a hunchback with a wannabe ghetto lean'

Ahh well I'm sure I'm part of a generation of over sized bag lovers who'll all be walking at a slant, as long i don't develop a limp or it will literally be like the living dead are stalking through the South-West...

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sugared poison

Listening to: Radiohead - Talk Show Host

Today has been designated 'fat day'.

I've been (relatively) good over the past few days, and to make sure i don't suddenly blank out one evening and come around an hour later, lying down in the middle of the kitchen floor, surrounded by corpses of empty chocolate wrappers, peanut butter smeared around my lips, crusts of bread crawling away from the carnage, i had to let myself go a lil' for the day.

Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a run down of my indulgences of the day... it would be therapeutic to share...but shit boring to read.

In a nutshell: enough to make me feel guilty, not enough to make me feel wildly fat..

I've got the need for cool retro stylee oversized t-shirts. MIght have to make them though- Fashion on a budget, people..

My ass has gone numb from sitting at this damn laptop all day....

p.s. Hello April, where the devil did you spring from?!