Saturday, 23 May 2009

Hearts of Glass

Listening to: Blondie - Heart of Glass

Here's some true rock n roll inspiration and absolute gorgeousness, courtesy of Debby Harry. She was amazing in Blondie, as you can see I'm reliving her glory days and listening to their greatest hits. i think I'm going a little crazy from being stuck in my room trying to revise! I've got four exams, all in the next 2 1/2 weeks.... the pitiful amount of revision should be making me crap myself, but i think Ive got to the point of education where it has left me brain dead, without caring!! uh oh.... Where's my usual panic adrenaline to motivate me??!

But anyway. i know how everyone has hang-ups about their body. it really pisses me off how i can get so paranoid about the way my legs/thighs/belly look and whether I'm baring too much or dressing a little too... 'out there' or something! in 15 years time, I'm sure there's going to be a fat chunk of my wardrobe which would definitely not be 'appropriate' for my age, so Ive got to make the most of it now!

Dammit, I'm young, i should be able to make fashion mistakes!! this city is way to small, you feel really dressed up if your not in jeans/jogging bottoms/hoodies/Ugg boats (yuck.).... but luckily, i physically cannot bring myself to leave the house in any of those! i don't mind jeans, i just hardly wear them.

my mid-week resolution, is to not give fuck and dress how i like and ignore the boring uniform..make the most of my youth!!

... inspiration taken from Ms Harry....


  1. I couldn't agree with you more.
    There's nothing worst than being old and looking back and wishing you had done whatever the hell you wanted in your youth.
    You can't go back in time...

  2. she had the raddest style ever, makes me want to do my hair just like it!! hah xx

  3. i definately approve of your mid-week resolution, go for it, good luck :)

  4. ohhh i love her hair!!!!!!!!
    check out my blog

  5. love her hair. love her clothes. love her makeup. great post!

  6. thanks for the inspiration
    love it!