Thursday, 7 May 2009

"Rusted Wheel can't move on"

Listening to: Silversun Pickups - Rusted Wheel

I'm not blind, i don't live in a cave (i prefer to think my room as a darkened boudoir...), i binge on gossip magazines with my trusty Grazia/Heat/Glamour obsessed housemates. i have known that crop tops have been regurgitated from the depths of my beloved '90's, along with those kick-ass Doc Martins and cute kooky headbands! i am definitely not a midriff bearing, naked tum shaker, 'scrub your socks on my washboard stomach'... my tum is one of the things which DO NOT get a peek into the outside world (outside of a swimming pool/beach)....

so how, in the world of Topshop, have i ended up with a cropped slouchy grey cropped jumper, a black dancers cropped Lycra top and a cropped denim shirt that ties at the front in my wardrobe... and the burning desire to buy more??!

i personally blame Pixie, Alice and numerous beautiful bloggers who have been shaking their sweet belly buttons to the world!

i quite like the use of cropped tops over other tops... think the jumper will have to do that! The dancers top will have to remain a bit of a mystery... or maybe wear with a pencil skirt so you only get a teeny glimpse of midriff between the two items? i love how Alice Dellal wears pencil skirts with cropped t-shirts with a bit of skin peeping through.

ahhh clothes!


  1. crazy! i just posted an outfit with a topshop crop top (ha, that's like a tongue twister). gotta love 'em. but i agree, they have to be worn just right, or just worn on someone with amaaazing abs. love these inspirational crop toppers!

  2. i really like the crop top trend, though i'm not sure i'm brave enough to rock it without the perfect stomach yet. i really like how diane kruger wore it.

  3. Ha-ha, I quite agree. Crop tops are infiltrating the mind yet again!

  4. I really like cropped tops too! Maybe I should cut some of my shirts....

  5. i think im a fan if wearing the cropped tops over another top really

  6. luv your style!!!!
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