Monday, 23 March 2009

Born free, and then caged

Listening to: Incubus - Love hurts

OK, yesterday trapped inside the library while the cold sun blazed down on the slackers smoking fags and eating baguettes outside. Lucky bastards. Thought i was literally going blind from tiredness but to avoid the imminent comedown, i had to just plough through some crazy theological religious crap which i don't even know is relevant. Panic is coursing through my body since my tutor decided this Easter was a wondrous time to go to Libia...for 3 weeks. Thanks a crap load.

I got inked today again. I'd been wanting to wear a heart tattoo on my sleeve, ahem, i mean wrist, for a while and finally got my act together, now causing a mass lust for tatts in my house. Tattoos are addictive and can lure others into its web. The stamp of individualism is always attractive, and not to mention freaking HOT, i do love a decorated man!
My other tattoo doesn't have a meaning, but this one is special. Have you ever found yourself shielding your feelings? Putting up a front to guard what you really feel? This is a nasty habit of mine that has caused more anguish and pain, which is more hassle than taking the risk of opening up. Giving over to venerability, taking the chance of being humiliated or shot down... hence the tatt to remind myself to wear my heart on my sleeve... cheesy? perhaps... Necessary? i like to think so.

But anyway, I'd put a photo up of it but its a little swollen so I'll give it a couple of days.

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