Monday, 23 March 2009

Getting through it

Listening to: CSS - Lets make love and listen to death from above

Never blogged before, but ive been reading so many other inspirational ones that i figure i might have a bash at it. Who know's if anyone will ever read this shizz though..

Just got back from A's housewarming party on the weekend. theyre usually seriously epic and i cant party as hard and long as her waster mates. i try my best though.
I got spun out at around 3am, but managed to stay semi-alive and was chatting with randomers and R who was in a similar state on the bedroom floor, using a book as a pillow. i was on a double bed chock-a-block with thick cushions, it was more effort for him to find a book than swipe a pillow!
The bass drummed through the floorboards into my skull till midday on sunday when the surviving few remembered the pub was opening. Even though i was dying for precious sleep, the sound of northern S singing 'fix up look shaaaarp, sweet like tropicannaaa' as they left was entertaining enough.
That house was gorgeous 24hours before the carnage began, and was soon a beer soaked stink pit of hangovers and comedowns...we soon taxiied over to C's house for warm beds and chinese take out, not that my stomach could stretch to more than a couple of weetabix.

Fast forward 13hours and im back in my house down south with a dissertation looming over me, but a belly uncomfortably full of cold chinese and chocolate milkshake. Not good. Frankly, if i attempted the library in this state, i would probably spazz out and go on a killing spree and paper cut everyone to death with egyptian textbooks.
Roll on life...

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