Monday, 30 March 2009

Kiss me quick...or leave me alone with my lippy

Listening to: Dizzee Rascal - Fix up look sharp

Need to get myself outta this funk. It's seriously not good to stay up till the wee hours watching 4OD, then sleeping in until i feel like a zombie/troll who had no concept of time nor space. That's the problem of having a mattress at home which doesnt have springs wedging into your spine, or having plush, tacky, boudoir curtains (that would have been perfect for the black-out in the wars). Who knows if it's morning out there, while i recline in my dark cave! In the apt words of A, 'a night in my bed at uni is like camping- cold, breeze across the face, feels like sleeping on rocks, and dawn is your alarm clock'.
and i thought camping was intense/in tents- get it? get it?? sorry i had to say it...

Put a self-imposed ban on facebook..until i actually start writing dissertation crap. The aim: To hit 4,000 words, then let the stalking commence once again!

Become addicted to blogs of all types, shapes and sizes though. It's like going from crack to morphine - the internet can allow procrastinating despite bloody facebook (actually surprised i've reached my final year at uni despite my problem of religious checking facebook everyday)

But anyway, check out this Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss which i found on the ASOS blog. Like the horrendously 90's creepy biros that would strip a poor model when clicked on (well done, by clicking your pen on, you also inadvertantly turned this sexy lady 'on'- good day at the office!). Well, Urban Decay have brought out creme-brulee flavoured, hydrating lip gloss with a range of characters to perve on as you beautify yourself.... check them out though- hilarious!

Just when i thought feminisim was dead, bring out the lippy with emblazoned semi-naked hot men! The array of men seem to fulfill every type/style available: from the family man, to hip hop stud, and preppy model-esque guy to...erm.. pirate dude?
and creme brulee flavoured? this sure is one dangerously fabulous product for the pout... knowing my bad habit of eating everything in sight when drunk, this would probably be a product that would end me in casualty...

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