Sunday, 29 March 2009

Read my Poker face

Listening to: KOL - Revelry

Now at home for Easter - pretty much all the unpacking ive achieved so far...

A came down to my end of the country on Friday night, first time she's actually seen my university city and my house. She was feeling pretty cruddy with a virus, probably due to the epicness of the weekend. Recovery has never been that sweet to her. Was a right laugh though as i bundled her into my local pub, the Old Firehouse, and got some wine down her neck- always the best medicine...probably...

The Old Firehouse is a dark cosy three tiered pub with old wooden benches which will snag your tights and probably give you splinters if you decided to slide around on your seat. Thick warped tables with wax dribbled wine bottles providing candlelight- the only other light source apart from a couple of random strands of fairy lights- perfection.

Perfect for a date, or to get hammered with friends (or family in this case) on wine for a fiver! We had a good sisterly catch up/drunken ramble since the party wasn't really the time/place for such things, and i got mistaken for Lily Allen by a drunken local (called 'Hagrid' due to his resemblance to the Harry Potter character- hot stuff i do believe...). As he was too drunk to be served, he pressed a wad of change in my hand to get 'a couple of pints of cider', which was definitely a slice of fried gold... until he asked for me to sing for him....cue me grabbing my pints, flash a sweet smile, and running for my life!

Disclaimer: i look nothing like the above photograph... i do love lily though!

Some tattooed dudes sitting next to us upstairs clocked our piercings and tattoos and began talking loudly about girls and shagging and 'wild adventures'... sure thing guys, I'm sure you are really cool but keep it to yourself. Managed to con a slice of pizza from them (toll for us having to move for them to leave/go to the loo) but then kindly rejected their alluring invite of meeting us in a club.

Soon we had to stumble home for ice cream and stolen Chomp bars....

New Tattoo: less scabby, more pretty

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