Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Do the MADonna

Listening to: Madonna - Crazy for you
Uh oh, I'm feeling in quite a sappy mood... i don't know when the hell the last time i listened to Madonna's good old stuff, you know, the classic 80's hits! i totally think that was her best era:
a) she wasn't old and obsessed with yoga and hideous leotards (o wait, i think she still wore them...)

b) her style of Desperately Seeking Susan (still need to see it) was so freaking cool! and also her video of Like a Virgin...

c) Some of her songs, especially this one I'm listening to, are so adorable and sweet... ahh i would like to be crazy for someone! but not in a stalker way... like usual

'Swaying room as the music starts

Strangers making the most of the dark

Two by two their bodies become one

I see you through the smokey air

Cant you feel the weight of my stare

Youre so close but still a world away

What Im dying to say, is that...

Im crazy for you

Touch me once and youll know its true
I never wanted anyone like this
Its all brand new,
youll feel it in my kiss
Im crazy for you, crazy for you'

Still absolutely obsessed with pixie's style, i swear she takes inspiration from Madonna's high kicking 80's fun times


  1. I would like to be crazy for someone as well! When is that going to happen...?
    Also, yes, Madonna is in a bit of a frightening state at the moment. I wish she would just mature a little...

  2. Awww I miss old-school Madonna too! She was so fab and didn't give a damn what anyone thought about her style. It was so eclectic--thrift store chic. Sigh.
    Yeah, this crazy yoga-adopting-cougar Madonna isn't as much fun. :S
    And love those pics!