Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Listening to: La Roux - For the Kill (skreamy remix)

Aye aye! dear lord do i love the nautical style! i know it may sound like im jumping on the bandwagon, and am a little late on loving the sailor style, but the amount of stripes and anchors i've discovered lurking within my wardrobe shows that this sneaky statement has infiltrated my life without really knowing!

i really love the anchor, its such a classic nautical symbol which looks kick ass cool as a tattoo, like Gossip's Beth Ditto and Kate Moss. i love traditional tattoos
*that explains my stars and heart tatts*
but now im thinkin about an anchor...or maybe the classic swallow?? who knows!

i purchased this kitsch anchor pendant from ebay for.... wait for it.... £1!!!!! It was free P&P as well- boom!

RIGHT, only 5 days until the dissertation (which has totally taken over my life) is due. it appears under control but man, does it make life glum... going out tonight... serious steam needs to blown!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, sailor inspired anything kicks ass.
    I can't believe you got that anchor necklace so cheap! It's awesome! Totally jealous. ;)
    I think an anchor tat would be fab too. Oh and good luck on your dissertation!!