Thursday, 9 April 2009

Mary had a little glam

Listening to: The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful

I need to get out and paaaaarty!! Photos (apart from the last one) are courtsey of glamcanyon ( i love her blog, the photography is amazing...makes me uber jealous of the clothes/make-up and always makes me wanna have one hell of a decadent night out...

The girl above has an amazing outfit - that t-shirt is on my radar.

I think alice dellal, daisy lowe and pixie geldof are all absolutely stunning with kick ass attitude and fashion. I swear they just sum up the raw aspect of London fashion- gritty and fierce. Please give me your clothes

Happy Easter, chickens


  1. wow, thanks for introducing me to glamcanyon, these photos are amazing!! and yes, i love alice too. badass!!

  2. I agree! I love Daisy Lowe's style. I want to steal all her clothes :)

    (I checked out Glamcanyon, the photography's pretty amazing, I wish I could take pictures like that)