Wednesday, 15 April 2009

all you need is LOVE

Listening to: Alexisonfire - Get Fighted

LOVE magazine is a bible of amazing photography and fashion and models- o my days, when i found the latest edition (first edition??) at my sister's, i took about an hour scouring the pages and soaking up the artistic brilliance of this vivid fashion mag.

If i had owned the magazine, i would have been tearing loads of the fashion shoots out, they're literally like pieces of art...however i think i would have been castrated by her flatmate who had shelled out the precious £5 for the privilege of owning it... but check out some of the gorgeous photographs.....

I want to have her body so i can wear crop tops and denim shorts without looking like a barrel.

My cousin's wife is obsessed with Adrianna...and just named her new-born baber after her....

BETH DITTO IS AMAZING!!! Saw The Gossip play last summer, she is one hell of a ball of energy...she leaped into the crowd and i touched her claim to fame...

p.s. i didn't drown yesterday, but actually hauled my ass to the pool! sweet... might force myself to go on a run laters since i may have had some wine, a creme egg....and a hot cross bun late last night...dammit!!
But the epic struggle with the dissertation continues...working bar/waitress shifts for the next 3 days though. Shit. i need to get some serious work done.. now.
No BBQ fun allowed tonight!!!


  1. love these photos~


    the crumpet girls

  2. i definitely agree with the denim cutoffs!! so cute
    and i love alexisonfire
    by far my favourite band ever
    dallas is to die for.... :)

  3. I wish I'd bought a copy of the magazine! Adrianna Lima looks gorgeous, as always.

  4. I need to get my hands on this magazine!! But for now I'll settle for the websites. Thanks.

    And that's hilarious your cousin's wife named her baby after Adrianna. But I don't blame her. The name is gorgeous. She's my fave model too.