Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sugared poison

Listening to: Radiohead - Talk Show Host

Today has been designated 'fat day'.

I've been (relatively) good over the past few days, and to make sure i don't suddenly blank out one evening and come around an hour later, lying down in the middle of the kitchen floor, surrounded by corpses of empty chocolate wrappers, peanut butter smeared around my lips, crusts of bread crawling away from the carnage, i had to let myself go a lil' for the day.

Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a run down of my indulgences of the day... it would be therapeutic to share...but shit boring to read.

In a nutshell: enough to make me feel guilty, not enough to make me feel wildly fat..

I've got the need for cool retro stylee oversized t-shirts. MIght have to make them though- Fashion on a budget, people..

My ass has gone numb from sitting at this damn laptop all day....

p.s. Hello April, where the devil did you spring from?!


  1. Ugh! I am in the same boat. Must get back on the healthy eating track soon...