Saturday, 11 April 2009

I got love for you if you grew up in the '90s

Listening to: Klaxons - Magick

... it seems I'm totally digging the nineties at the moment, what with the love for Pixie's headband (which i purchased today, just need to figure out how to wear it around my big head), and now I've indulged in some culottes! But check out how cute they are with their pony print....and £10 in the sale. boo ya!

Here's how my wishlist stands at the moment... i'm trying to stick to items which i can wear when i go traveling after i graduate, like distressed denim and black shorts and light dresses....but i'm going to need a dress for grad ball aren't i??!

*cue this amazing gold dress from Kate Moss's latest Topshop collection*

also this girl's entire outfit

and on a minor note, have finally come round to the idea of bodysuits... only mesh though which i could wear under a cropped top. but at the moment, the thought of baring my midriff makes me physically mortified (if that's possible) due to the literal amounts of cheesecake, chocolate and ice cream my mum has forced at me since i'm only home for 2 weeks for easter break!

slight possibility i've put on about 4Ilbs in a week- nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

american apparel mesh bodysuit - £20

Right, before i turn into a round, tubby, lard-ass, detox and diet will commence starting from tomorrow- bring on the fruit and veg! i literally cannot do moderation with sweet things, i must be a all or nothing kind of girl

.....think of the bodysuit think of the bodysuit think of the bodysuit think of the bodysuit.....

p.s. whoops i just purchased a denim shirt for £2.70 on ebay... kerching!


  1. if you can wear that gold dress, you are doing great, and it is a fantastic TINY dress. sadly my body is made of ben and jerry's at this point, so i go for the bigger dresses. :[