Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Someday i'll fly away.....

Listening to: Hot Hot Heat -Bandages
Aw I've missed this world of blogging... but I'm so sad at the moment! no life and it feels so glum to have nothing exciting to report! literally, the only thing I've been doing is:

  • Dissertation Dissertation Dissertation (but its due on Friday and i think I've killed it as much as possible!)
  • Literally wetting myself in anticipation for the Maccabees new album (May 4th 'Wall of arms'!!)
  • Kicking myself for missing out on getting a ticket for their Bristol gig (on a boat)
  • Getting a little bit tipsy, and when the night has ended in disappointment, go on a massive binge of food

I'm definitely going traveling after university and I've just been checking out a friend's photos of his travels in Laos and Vietnam... i just want to book my flight to Bangkok NOW!!

K's Vietnam adventures

K's Laos adventures

'They're trying to make you compromise

This fire burning in your eyes

Darling, you're slowly drifting out of reach

I'm slowly drifting out of reach

We're slowly drifting out of reach...

So home is just a word now

You don't see it anymore

The child's eyes are vacant now

The lights are just a glare'

The Guillemots - 'Falling out of reach'

My mission: worry less, have more fun, eat less, move more, live better

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  1. Awww I wouldn't say you have no life!! Dissertations are important. A lot of people don't even have that going on.
    And yes a trip to Asia sounds fab...sigh. You definitely deserve to travel there after school. It would be a heavenly way to celebrate your new life out in the real world. ;)