Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Treading Water

Listening to: Bloc Party - Helicopters

AAAAAAAlrighty!! I've left the home town and am now back in my University city...well, town- it's so tiny but since it has a cathedral it constitutes as a 'city'...there's a severe lack of good night life.... but it is a beautiful city in ole Devonshire....

You've gotta love the fish eye camera- i double backed the film then flipped the camera upside down...

So far, all I've really done since getting back is launch my student radio station official blog, which has had good response so far...doubt it would be much interest to peeps outside of my University though! but here it is in case you wanna check out what i get up to when I'm supposed to be doing work: http://xpressionfm.blogspot.com/

Today though, as part of my *i need to get remotely healthy and fit* thoughts, I'm planning to go swimming (but am still in my PJ's at the moment). i love to swim, haven't done it in a while and it sucks that the pool is quite a walk away... but i freaking love the old retro and vintage swimsuits, especially the 1950's ones- they're so sweet!

It sucks that the days of swimming costumes are gone. It feels like there is a certain age gap where bikinis are the only thing to wear when geting wet, despite what size or shape you are. It seems to me, that if you are below the age of 14 or above the age of 40, then the full one piece is appropriate, but i literally cannot remember the last time i saw a 20-something-year-old wearing anything other that a bikini (or maybe its because i go to the 'how naked can you get' swimming pool).

There are some absolutely stunning one-pieces around, especially the vintage inspired ones, but i just physically can't wear them. when i put one on, i either feel like I'm dressing too young or old...I will definitely be first in line for some gorgeous 1950's swimming costumes after plopping out a couple of kids though...

but i say bring them back, embrace the cover up (forget about tan lines) and maybe indulge in some synchronized swimming as well...

HOT SWIMSUIT ALERT!!! Found by emeryvintage.blogspot.com, it's from Victoria's Secret- $58

Now lets see if i actually make it to the pool...and not drown...


  1. The second bathingsuit is gorgeous! I love the color.


  2. I love retro swimsuits! I seriously need to hunt one down for myself...but I don't see myself at a pool or a beach anytime soon.
    Also, love the fisheye picture.

  3. i love what you did with the fisheye! :D

    distressing jeans; use cheese graters, un pickers (for pulling at the threads) and wash them a million times! i'm sure they'll turn out great