Saturday, 4 April 2009

Us hunchbacks need to stick together

Listening to: Lady Gaga - Pokerface

Ok, I'm back at the laptop to bash some serious keys... god life is dire! No excitement, just work... exciting life, huh? but it pushes me to make future plans when procrastinating... been checking out the sights and sounds of Bristol from my room- bring on the live music!!!
The Dot-to-Dot festival is what has captured my focus at the moment:

Saturday 23rd May. 1pm - 4am.
The annual Bristol event showcases up and coming bands and DJs from the UK and international scenes. The festival offers indie, rock, dance and pop music in various venues in Bristol.
good times!

On a minor, perhaps less interesting point, I've vaguely become aware of a disability that I'm developing- can u 'develop' one??! I've been aware of this 'problem' of mine, but lately i swear its become more prominent which makes me feel especially super-duper when I'm feeling a little self-conscious when mooching around in public...

OK, i favour bags on the larger side. Alright, i admit it- i love to sling a sack of a bag over my shoulder which I pack with everything i might possibly need in life. Space is meant to be filled! It might mean I'll be a good mum though. Or the crazed 'mum on a mission to save all kids' who'll be leaping over small hedges to get to the child with the snotty nose with my pack of Kleenex that I happened to have in my bag...

Check out the evidence first (and note that the fish-eye camera usually is without film, because i am also a forgetful retard)

That's right, two sets of keys, brolly and sunglasses (the sunnies are more positive thinking), Savlon, a drinks stirrer from a Malaysian hotel, two cameras etc etc etc. o also plus a bottle of water usually, you know just in case i find myself in a desert with no Starbucks in throwing distance.

So yeah. My problem. I walk with a lean to the left now to compensate the weight that should be weighing down my right shoulder. I really notice it when I'm casually walking along without a freaking bag and I'm still leaning! also, my fringe sweeps to the left so when the wind blows i instinctively turn my head a lil to the left so it keeps flat.. if you see a harassed looking dark-haired girl (with fringe, bag not a necessity) on a constant left slant shuffling down the street, be sure to say 'hi' and shield innocent eyes.

Seriously, this should have been on some kind of warning label:

'WARNING: Overload of bag turns you into a hunchback with a wannabe ghetto lean'

Ahh well I'm sure I'm part of a generation of over sized bag lovers who'll all be walking at a slant, as long i don't develop a limp or it will literally be like the living dead are stalking through the South-West...


  1. Ha-ha! I tend towards larger, over-full bags as well. I must say using my backpack this year as alleviated a lot of shoulder pain!

  2. I love your blog! I can't wait to see more!


    p.s. good luck on your dissertation!